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What we do?

We are not

some flashy Generation-XYZ startup.

We are

a long-standing innovator in the nonwovens industry.

Nerd or expert?

In the field of nonwoven processes, we specialize in hydroentangled nonwovens for wet wipes.

Synthetic fiber? No thanks.

We have no interest in synthetically produced polymers – i.e., plastics.

Natural fiber? Yes please.

Natural fiber made from cotton and linen. 100% biodegradable. 100% microplastic free.


Why go to all this trouble?

“No one needs yet another brand of wet wipes.”

Sustainability is increasingly defining our everyday lives – but there are too few options to act.

Plastic is taking over our oceans, threatening our biodiversity, our world. Plastic waste prevention is an endless task with no prospect of a viable solution.

As a result, nothing changes. We are paralyzed. This got us thinking...

Our idea is to combine what we do best with what you can do – our products as a way for you to take more effective action.

“We all need an environmentally sustainable version of every single product we use in our everyday lives.”

Thus we set out to create a sustainable product – at a fair price.

So that you have a choice:
- for products without microplastics
- for a lower CO2 footprint
- for more environmental compatibility



Our products



disinfecting wet wipes

Our essential travel companion. For the prevention of viral and infectious diseases.

  • 80% organic cotton, 20 % linen
  • reliably fights 99,9% of all bacteria and viruses (including corona viruses)
  • recommended for use for disinfection of hands and surfaces
  • developed for use in pharma-, sanitary- and food industry as well as for business and public gastronomy
  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial lotion with toning and antiseptical effect
  • improves cell metabolism and process of restoration of tissues
  • 100% biodegradable
  • manufactured under medical standard with BRC- and GMP certificate
  • 100% recyclable packaging
Warning notice:
Biocidal product! Always read label and product information before use. Biocide No.: N-100988.

available at:
lacely disinfecting wipes at Lidl

hi moby

baby wet wipes

Our gently caring baby wipes for sensitive baby skin.

  • 80% organic cotton, 20 % linen
  • dermatologically tested, pH-neutral
  • with Bio-Quinoa milk
  • moisturizing, clean and care for soft babies’ skin effectively
  • preserve the natural skin balance
  • offer protection from dryness
  • designed to minimize the allergenic potential
  • without fragrances and alcohol
  • 100% biodegradable
  • manufactured under medical standard with BRC- and GMP certificate
  • 100% recyclable packaging

available at:



refreshing skin care wipes

Our ecological wet wipes for a soft skin care and refreshing.

  • 80% organic cotton, 20% linen
  • dermatologically tested
  • designed to minimize the allergenic potential
  • practical for on the way in pocket size
  • clean, care for and moisturize the skin effectively
  • skin-neutral pH-value
  • 100% biodegradable
  • manufactured under medical standard with BRC- and GMP certificate
  • 100% recyclable packaging

available from August 2024


To offer you an ecological alternative.

"Only when we actively admit that we live in a throwaway society will we start to think about how we produce and consume."

“It’s not about competition between wet wipe brands: just compare the choices – and the consequences of those choices.”


What if ...?

... a more sustainable lifestyle should not be a luxury project?

We use by-products from the production of cotton and linen yarn.


Production lines implemented

hi moby

Hydroentangled nonwoven wet wipes

Production line engineering

General contractor

Service provider in mechanical and plant engineering

Planning | Consulting | Service

Engineering expertise in the nonwovens industry

East-West European industrial relations and services

Our value creation chain

Linen is naturally low in allergens, antibacterial, and enormously ecological and water saving in cultivation. There is not yet enough linen on the raw materials market. But in the next few years, as its availability increases, we will make it the main raw material for our wet wipes.

Who are we?

Gerd Martschoke

Gerd Martschoke

Managing Partner

spezialised in

Mechanical Engineering Design and Business Management

“More and more people are attaching importance to sustainability and ecological products – and that’s good. It is high time that something changes in our consumption. The ban on microplastics is an important step. The demand for everyday consumer goods made from natural raw materials, such as wet wipes, will continue to rise steadily. With our natural fiber products, we want to make our contribution to greater sustainability and offer consumers a viable ecological alternative.”

Dan Samarin

Dan Samarin

Managing Partner

spezialised in

Textile Engineering and Innovation Management

“Nature has ensured that people have all the resources they need for their existence and to live prosperous lives. Our task in this regard is relatively simple – not to use these resources wastefully, but efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Therefore we use the by-product from the spinning industry, so-called comber noil, for manufacturing our wet wipes, which contributes to deep processing and ensuring the efficiency of the use of natural resources.”

Have we aroused your interest?


a greener everyday


Does the lacely disinfecting wipe also work against SARS-CoV-2 (corona viruses)?

Yes, it is also effective against corona viruses if the instructions for use are followed.

May the lacely disinfecting wipe be used to disinfect baby or toddler hands?

No, it should not be used for baby or toddler hands, as they often put their hands in theirmouth. There is therefore a risk that disinfectant is absorbed through the muscous membrane.

May the lacely disinfecting wipe be used for disinfecting wounds?

No, it must not be used for wound disinfection.

Does the lacely disinfectant wipe disinfect surfaces and hands?

Yes, it can be used for surface and hand disinfection, according to the instructions for use on the package.

Can the lacely disinfecting wipe be disposed of in the toilet or in nature?

No, the wipe is made from 100% natural fibers, but the ingredients kill bacteria and viruses. Therefore they are harmful to the environment. The correct disposal is the trash can.